About Us

A little introduction...

Contemporary Science Research Publisher (SMC Pvt.) Ltd. (CSRP) (Company Number: 0194874) is established under the Companies Act, 2017. The publisher aims to promote research in contemporary science.

CSRP is dedicated to providing scientists a voice in society and shining the light on recent and exciting scientific findings that aim to improve the quality of human life or to increase the horizons of human knowledge and achievement.

CSRP recognizes the significant role that the sciences play in our society by welcoming contributions from the medical sciencesenvironmental sciencestechnology and engineeringsocial sciences, management and administrative sciences, and the natural sciences. Submissions will be examined for publication based on their originality, credibility and validity, importance, and societal impact.

CSRP serves as a springboard into a vast world of possibilities in the sciences, allowing you and your peers to examine the latest in your fields of interest as well as other emerging topics. By providing access to our vast plethora of articles, CSRP hopes to cultivate the seeds of curiosity in each bright mind, giving rise to the future cultivators of modern society.


Access to CSRP arms institutions with a vast digital library of online articles, allowing members to explore the expansive webs of connected topics in the medical, environmental, engineering, and natural sciences.